Donkeyboy -《Caught In A Life 》更新320K[MP3]

Donkeyboy -《Caught In A Life 》更新320K[MP3]
  • 片  名  Donkeyboy -《Caught In A Life 》更新320K[MP3]
  • 简  介  音乐风格: 摇滚发行时间: 2009年10月19日地区: 挪威语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍简介: 音乐码率: 195 kbps/320kbps
    专辑风格: Alternative rock/Indie pop
    前阵子听到Joe Mcelderry新专辑里的那首 Ambitions ,很是好听,搜了一下,发现原来是翻唱,真正的原唱就是Donkeyboy,于是听了这张专辑,爱不释手!网上关于Donkeyboy的中文简介较少,据LZ所知,这是一支来自挪威的乐队,这张专辑使他们在欧洲成名,单曲 Ambitions 连得了挪威12周的冠军 ,之后被自己的 Sometimes 挤掉,《Ambitions》MV在youtube上点阅率超过200万.这张专辑LZ这边还有FLAC格式的,看看有没有同学需要的……额.LZ是小白,这次是第一次发资源,不懂ing……
    MV: 《Ambitions》



    引用Donkeyboy is a pop band from Drammen, Norway, formed in 2005. The band consists of Cato Sundberg (vocals, rhythm guitar), Kent Sundberg (synth, backing vocals), Peter Michelsen (guitar, backing vocals), Thomas Drabløs (drums), and Alexander Garborg Ågedal (bass guitar).
    Donkeyboy were signed to Warner Music after an employee came across their music on MySpace.[1] Their debut single, Ambitions was released on 26 March 2009 and was put into heavy rotation by NRK P3.[2] The song's chorus is built around a bassline similar to those used on Michael Jackson's Billie Jean and some of Madonna's 1980s songs.[1] The song features guest vocals by Linnea Dale. Ambitions debuted on the Norwegian singles chart at number seven on 6 April 2009,[3] and reached the number one spot on 29 June, after 13 weeks on the charts. Ambitions remained at the number one spot for 12 consecutive weeks, before being replaced by the band's second single Sometimes on September 22. This was the first time ever for a Norwegian artist to occupy the top two spots on the singles chart.[4] Guitarist Peter Michelsen described the situation as completely absurd .[4]
    Donkeyboy's debut album Caught in a Life was released on 19 October 2009. It was produced by Simen M Eriksrud and Espen Berg at Livingroom Studios in Oslo. Sven Ove Bakke of Dagbladet gave the album four out of six, and described it as revolving around its already established hits with a combination of self-assured conviction and uneasy duteousness. [5] He concluded that the album was overshadowed by its hit single.[5]
    The band supported fellow Norwegians A-ha in the UK and Oslo legs of their Foot of the Mountain tour in November 2009.
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