Mika -《The Boy Who Knew Too Much》[MP3]

Mika -《The Boy Who Knew Too Much》[MP3]
  • 片  名  Mika -《The Boy Who Knew Too Much》[MP3]
  • 简  介  Douban4293499:9.2(93 votes)音乐风格: 流行发行时间: 2009年09月21日地区: 美国语言: 英语
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      Mika的第二张录音室专辑The Boy Who Knew Too Much,于9月21日由Casablanca唱片发行,制作人依旧是Greg Wells。专辑早在08年6月就开始在伦敦Olympic录音室制作,9月份搬到了洛杉矶Rocket Carousel录音室,专辑就是在那里完成的。Mika称,“这张专辑想要表达的是16或17岁时候的我。”专辑最初定名We Are Golden,与首播单曲同名。不过在接受BBC电台采访时,Mika透露他会给专辑改名,“我想把它弄的更夸张点。”8月6日,专辑定名为The Boy Who Knew Too Much。
      专辑的封面设计,依旧是Mika的妹妹,笔名DaWack的漫画家,Richard Hogg和Mika本人共同设计的。这种绘画风格是受40-70年代儿童图画书启发的。
      在专辑发行前,Mika在09年6月发行了限量版的EP, Songs for Sorrow,一共4支曲目和一份68页的小册子,上面不仅印着歌词,还给每首歌都配上了Mika最喜欢的艺术家的插画。单曲Blue Eyes不仅仅随EP推广发行,同时也将收入到新砖里面。
    引用Release Notes:
    While it may come as a surprise to those blinkered to the machinations of the music industry, Mikas ascent to superstardom around the time of his debut album, 2007s Life in Cartoon Motion, wasnt exactly smooth.
    A spread of negative reviews for the Grace Kelly-spawning long-player did nothing to disrupt its commercial success. But Mika, as a musician who writes his own material, must surely have taken a few less-than-favourable assessments to heart if not, it would only support the suggestion that his quirk-laden fare cant mean much to the
    man himself.
    So expectations for this follow-up incorporate hope that Mika has developed his sound following so much exposure, so many new experiences and a much bigger budget to play with. And, certainly, The Boy Who Knew Too Much is bolder of arrangement than its predecessor sometimes haphazardly, and sporadically disastrously, but never boringly. Mika's classical background can lead him down cluttered compositional avenues, but when he turns down the contrast between structural elements, the
    results are hugely enjoyable.
    Both I See You and By the Time are pretty arrangements that find Mikas occasionally questionable vocals complementing elegant piano lines well the former is particularly striking in its accomplished articulating of melancholy, with no clunky couplet tripping over its sparely employed strings. It must surely be a single. In fact, it could very well be Mikas finest moment yet.
    Closer Pick Up Off the Floor rather undoes the good work of the aforementioned brace by coming over indecently theatrical, but its the only other track here that aims for the heart rather than a temporary embrace for a silly, drive-time sing-along. The lyrical drivel of lead single We Are Golden, Blame it on the Girls and Good Gone Girl is,
    sadly, fuel for the fires burning in the bellies of Mikas fiercest critics, and salvation via the George Michael-echoing Touches You arrives as too little, too late. Mika needs to find a balance between the polar musical worlds hes so intent on occupying, between mature sensitivity and worrying puerility.
    Because, until then, his indulgences will always overshadow songs that are really quite beautiful. A disaster its not, then, but The Boy is sure to attract no little vitriol from other corners of the music press, opinions swayed by its schizophrenic nature.

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