《Redhat的自由操作系统》(Fedora 6 for X86)V6[ISO]

《Redhat的自由操作系统》(Fedora 6 for X86)V6[ISO]
  • 片  名  《Redhat的自由操作系统》(Fedora 6 for X86)V6[ISO]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2006年10月24日制作发行: Redhat. Inc
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  • 详细介绍中文名: Redhat的自由操作系统英文名: Fedora 6 for X86资源格式: 光盘镜像版本: V6发行时间: 2006年10月24日制作发行: Redhat. Inc地区: 美国简介:
    杀毒软件:Mcfee 8i
    版本: 8i
    共享条件:电信ADSL 2M
    共享服务器:一般在DonkeyServer No1-2
    Fedora Core 6发布了!!
    该版本最大的变化,就是支持AILGX,并且对XEN的支持非常好(这个消息倒是令人振奋 )。预测企业版的RHEL5,将会以这个版本作为蓝本。
    Fedora Core 6 (FC 6) is now available, offering Red Hat (Quote) users a view of the latest and greatest in open source technologies.
    FC 6终于发布了。Redhat的用户将可以一睹最新、最棒的开源科技风采。
    It could also be seen as a preview of what is coming in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5, though Fedora is now a well-established Linux distribution in its own right.
    The somewhat delayed FC 6 release follows version 5 by seven months, and it comes just days ahead of the next Ubuntu release, an event that the Fedora project leader has called coincidental.
    The new release includes support for the AIGLX graphics framework which is Red Hat s competitive project to Novell s XGL.
    这个新的发行版包括了对AIGLX图形架构的支持----- AIGLX是Novell的 XGL对应的竞争项目。
    AIGLX provides enhanced 3-D graphics capabilities by leveraging the power of graphics acceleration hardware.
    Performance is also improved in FC 6 by as much as 50 percent, thanks to dynamic linking for application using DT_GNU_HASH.
    由于使用了 DT_GNU_HASH动态链接来处理程序,该版本的性能将比以往提高达50%。
    And security is made a bit easier with a new graphical troubleshooting tool for SELinux. First introduced in Fedora Core 2 in 2004, SELinux implements mandatory access controls on the kernel.
    SELinux 也提供了新的图形侦错界面,安全设置将变得更加便利。 SELinux是2004年引入FC2的,可以在内核上执行存取控制。
    FC 6 will also improve upon its support for Xen Virtualization, which was introduced in the current Fedora Core 5 build.
    FC 6 includes a GUI virtualization manager that makes it easier than before to setup and manage virtual machines.
    Max Spevack, Red Hat s Fedora project leader, told internetnews.com that the GUI virtualization manger is the missing piece in the virtualization puzzle.
    Max Spevack是Red Hat的Fedora项目领导者,他告诉 internetnews.com说:“图形界面的虚拟管理器,正式目前的虚拟科技所缺乏的。”
    He said there is a huge proportion of users that have heard about virtualization, but have been unable to take advantage of it since it hasn t been very user friendly.
    The new GUI virtual-manger in FC 6 changes that and makes virtual machine creation user-friendly.
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