Gareth Gates -《Live In London》[DVDRip]

Gareth Gates -《Live In London》[DVDRip]
  • 片  名  Gareth Gates -《Live In London》[DVDRip]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2003年语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  演唱会

  • 详细介绍专辑中文名: Live In London歌手: Gareth Gates资源格式: DVDRip发行时间: 2003年地区: 英国语言: 英语简介:
    歌手: Gareth Gates
    导演: Julia Knowles
    制式: PAL, Widescreen
    语言: English
    区域: Region 2 (This DVD will probably NOT be viewable in other countries. Read more about DVD formats.)
    比率: 1.78:1
    碟片: 1
    分级: Exempt
    制作: Warner Music Vision
    DVD发行日期: 7 April 2003
    一个曾经患有口吃的男孩从歌声中找回自信,并藉由歌声感动全球乐迷,葛瑞盖斯创造了21世纪的歌声奇迹,自从2002年从英国选秀节目Pop Idol比赛赢得亚军荣衔后,葛瑞盖斯歌声传情的功力开始所向披靡,这是一个感人的故事,而且仍在进行中……
    当葛瑞盖斯首次出现在英国当红的《流行偶像(Pop Idol)》电视选秀节目中演唱“Flying Without Wings为爱而飞”那一刻起,就让现场及电视机前的观众情不自禁地爱上了他。
    他曾经是一个因为严重口吃而几乎念不出自己姓名的男孩,在他的成长过程中可以说是充满了挫折,然而当他唱歌时,他所释放出来的却是一个如此纯净清亮、充满情感,并且足以让人感动落泪的声音。他不仅有着天使般的嗓音、他那双水汪汪的棕色眼眸及可爱到不行的酒涡,迅速地成为英国全民偶像! Review:
    Gareth Gates Live is a concert from his first ever tour, in which the Pop Idol runner-up sent thousands of screaming girls into a knicker-wetting frenzy with pyrotechnics, sparkling (and seemingly uncomfortably tight) Elvis costumes and even a spot of flying, albeit with the help of wires. The spiky-haired pop cutie runs through most famous hits, including Anyone of Us ( Stupid Mistake ), Unchained Melody and What My Heart Wants to Say . It s a flashy, up-beat affair and Gareth breezes through his act like a seasoned professional, even bringing on Will Young for a couple of duets towards the end. If it all feels rather by-the-numbers, it s nevertheless sure to have Gareth s fans, old and young alike, tapping their feet and throwing their underwear at the TV screen for years to come.
    On the DVD:
    Gareth Gates Live teases with a nicely presented menu screen which leads to some rather sparse extras, including multi-camera-angle scenes, a photo gallery and behind-the-scenes feature. The picture is sharp and the bright colours and occasional pyrotechnics are captured clearly. The 5.1 Dolby mix ensure a good, if not earth-shattering, audio experience, but then Gareth s music doesn t need really need anything more than a serviceable mix. --Jon Weir
    16:9 Wide Screen
    DVD 9
    Region 2
    Linear PCM Stereo English Dolby Digital 5.1 English
    Linear PCM Stereo
    Dolby Digital 5.1
    Behind The Scenes
    Photo Gallery
    3 Alternate Angles On 3 Tracks
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