《HTML/Javascript网页菜单制作软件》(AllWebMenus Pro)5.3.856 / 含注册机[压缩包]

《HTML/Javascript网页菜单制作软件》(AllWebMenus Pro)5.3.856 / 含注册机[压缩包]
  • 片  名  《HTML/Javascript网页菜单制作软件》(AllWebMenus Pro)5.3.856 / 含注册机[压缩包]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2011年2月25日制作发行: Likno Software语言: 英文
  • 类  别  软件
  • 小  类  编程开发

  • 详细介绍简介: 软件类型:软件 编程开发 网页制作
    应用平台:WindowsAll (x86 x64)
    软件介绍:AllWebMenus 是一款创造网站导引DHTML/JavaScript菜单的工具。使用者无须任何DHTML/JavaScript的经验。本程序可以在支持HTML/XHTML的绝大多数浏览器中建立跨越浏览器﹑弹出或者下拉式菜单。D HTML/JavaScript菜单可以设计成树状菜单。使用者可以透过调整Properties Pane来自订菜单或者使用Style Gallery预先做好的样式。菜单可以是横向或者直向的﹐可被移动或者在滚动的时候隐形﹐包括静态或者动态图片﹑边框﹐选择颜色等。当选定好后﹐使用者可以选择“在网页中插入菜单”功能将制作的菜单加到网页中﹐很简单﹐无须编写程序。
    AllWebMenus™ is a web menu builder that requires absolutely no DHTML or Javascript experience from you.
    It creates cross-browser navigation menus that work alike in all browsers supporting DHTML.
    Your DHTML menu / JavaScript menu is designed with a simple, tree-like approach. You then fully customize it with a variety of powerful features or by choosing a predefined appearance from plenty of menu themes available in the Theme Gallery.
    Major Features (主要特点)
    引用Full cross-browser support (完整的跨浏览器支持)
    AllWebMenus fully supports all latest (and older) browsers:
    Internet Explorer (v6 and above)
    Netscape (v6 and above)
    Opera (v6 and above)
    Mozilla (v1 and above)
    Firefox (v0.1 and above)
    Konqueror (v2 and above)
    Google Chrome (Beta and above)
    ...and many more!
    Safari and all Apple-based browsers, iPhone/iPad
    We have a strong commitment towards you to keep on with the developments of more recent browsers.
    AllWebMenus™ will save you a significant amount of time and effort required to fully understand DHTML and JavaScript menu code designed to support all DHTML enabled browsers.
    Optimized menu building with separate javascripts for different browsers.
    The javascript engine downloads only a particular javascript file optimized for the visitor's browser. With that method the maximum engine size downloaded is only 55Kb and then it is cached for the entire visit (never downloaded again for the same visitor!).
    引用Full Search Engine Optimization (SEO) support(完整的搜索引擎优化支持)
    Through the SEO CSS Menu Addin you have 2 different options for creating SEO-friendly menus, by specifying how your web menu is populated with items and submenus.
    Option 1: Using the project's structure, i.e. items that you add to your AllWebMenus project. These items are fetched from its compiled project's file,
    Option 2: On-the-fly , using UL LI items fetched from the loaded page that shows the menu.
    引用AllWebMenus Addins (included in the application)Generate menus on-the-fly through the Server-Side Menus API Add-in, either database-driven or programmatically generated menus based on your conditions/parameters, on server-side environments such as PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, ASP, ASP.NET, etc.Create menus with sliding submenus, otherwise known as slide menus , expandable menus , collapsible menus or accordion menus , through the Sliding Menu Add-in.Retrieve your Joomla menu from your Joomla website and import it into the AllWebMenus application to create stylish, feature-rich navigation menus, but not only!
    Fully customize your joomla menus adding your own non-joomla menu items with external or internal links, html-rich content, colors, borders, effects, designs of your choice and many more.Create stylish menus for your WordPress blogs bas
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