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    Tsui Hark — The Master of Wuxia
    武侠江山──徐克既出 谁与争锋
    For many outside Asia, Ang Lee’s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” provided the first glimpse into the Chinese genre of wuxia. Characters leap over rooftops, walk up walls, and cross swords in breathtaking duels. The movie wowed audiences worldwide and made them realize that wuxia was more than just martial arts. Wuxia stories depict brave, kind heroes with extraordinary fighting skills. The style challenges traditional Hollywood boundaries, yet shares themes with genres such as westerns. While there are many well-known directors in the field, one name stands out: Hong Kong’s Tsui Hark.
    Tsui’s first feature, “The Butterfly Murders,” was an avant-garde fusion of murder mystery, science fiction and contemporary wuxia. The twists and turns in narrative perspective were atypical of wuxia movies, though the depiction of righteous and evil characters was familiar. Following this impressive debut, Tsui enjoyed success with movies such as “Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain,” “The Swordsman” series, and the “Once Upon a Time in China” series.
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