《LISREL 8.8(Linear Structural Relations 线性结构关係)》(Lisrel 8.8)8.8[光盘镜像]

《LISREL 8.8(Linear Structural Relations 线性结构关係)》(Lisrel 8.8)8.8[光盘镜像]
  • 片  名  《LISREL 8.8(Linear Structural Relations 线性结构关係)》(Lisrel 8.8)8.8[光盘镜像]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2006年制作发行: Scientific Software International, Inc语言: 英文
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  • 详细介绍简介: New in LISREL 8.8
    Structured latent curve models
    The LISREL CO command has been extended to include the exponential (EXP) and natural logarithm (LOG) operators as well as parentheses. This allows LISREL users to fit, for example, the structured latent curve models outlined in Browne (1993).
    View an illustrative example.
    Factor analysis of ordinal variables
    Classical exploratory factor analysis assumes that the observed variables are continuous. The PRELIS OFA command implements exploratory factor analysis of ordinal variables as described in Jöreskog Moustaki (2006).
    View an illustrative example.
    Generalized linear models (GLIMs) for multilevel data
    The new statistical application MAPGLIM fits generalized linear models to multilevel data. Users can select from the multinomial, Bernoulli, Poisson, binomial, negative binomial, Normal, Gamma and inverse Gaussian sampling distributions. The corresponding link functions include the log, cumulative logit, cumulative probit, complementary log-log and logit link functions.
    View an illustrative example.
    Observational residuals
    Bollen and Arminger (1991) introduced observational residuals for structural equation models. LISREL 8.8 for Windows allows users to compute observational residuals along with latent variable scores for the latent variables of the model. This implementation is described and illustrated in Jöreskog, Sörbom Wallentin (2006)
    View an illustrative example.
    Writing parameter estimates, standard error estimates and measures of fit to a PSF
    The PV, SV and GF keywords on the LISREL OU command or the SIMPLIS LISREL output command have been extended to allow users to save the parameter estimates, standard error estimates and measures of fit to a PSF. This is especially useful for Monte Carlo studies.
    Changes to the graphical user interface (GUI)
    The main window of LISREL 8.8 for Windows is now entitled LISREL for Windows. The revised Export Data option on the File menu of the main window allows users to export data to various data formats such as SPSS, SAS, SYSTAT, Statistica, etc.
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