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    Maxon CINEMA 4D R9包含建模、动画、渲染[网络渲染]、角色、粒子以及新增的插画等模块,可以说 Maxon CINEMA 4D 提供了一个完整的3D创作平台。以致 Maxon 的部分资深用户认为“Cinema 4D : The next generation 3D animation software !”Cinema 4D R9是一款功能超强的三维图像设计工具,Cinema 4D 所拥有强大的3D 建模功能,无论是初学者还是高手都适合使用。Cinema 4D 还包含一个完整的修补时间线、增强造型功能,另外其光线系统提供50多种光线和照明模式、收音机按钮式的阴影、音量噪音,增强的预览能力。XL 还可以输出各种广播级质量的图片,XL能够输出全播放品质的图片和动画(S-VHS PAL,以16x16超取样)的图片和动画输出,此外,Cinema 4D支持多重处理、整批成像和可输出Alpha通道,还支持超过十多种输出档案格式种外部格式如 DXF、VRML、Lightwave 和 3D Studio 的格式。CINEMA 4D Release 9.6 – Make Your Work Flow
    With CINEMA 4D Release 9.6, your work will flow from concept to final composite faster than ever before. This outstanding free upgrade is specifically geared to the needs of the broadcast motion graphics artist, but its sweeping enhancements are sure to put a smile on any 3D artist's face. Take a look at just a few of the new features, and discover how CINEMA 4D continues to help you work faster, and smarter.
    Massive Mac OpenGL Acceleration
    Mac users will enjoy dramatic speed improvements immediately due to OpenGL optimizations. You willl be able to navigate your real-world projects 50%, or in some cases even 150% faster, and those speed gains will come in handy when a client is looking over your shoulder or breathing down your neck.
    CINEMA 4D Release 9.5 already earned the title as the first professional graphics application available as a Universal Binary, and Macintosh users will continue to have a free choice between PowerPC and Universal Binary versions. The choice for Universal Binary is even easier now with full support for H.264 and MPEG, OpenEXR, FBX and FlashEx export formats, as well as command-line rendering.
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